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Custom Basement Renovations with Abbey Platinum Master Built

At Abbey Platinum Master Built, our award winning team doesn’t just build homes, we also use our 50 years of industry experience to complete custom renovations for our homeowners. What does a home renovation with Abbey look like?

Function, Comfort, and Convenience Take Centre Stage At Abbey Platinum Master Built, our number one priority is making sure each job is completed with the utmost of quality and customer satisfaction. From renovating new additions to commercial scale remodels, our team will help you design a renovation blueprint that adds value and comfort to your space.

Unfinished Basement? No problem! Aside from kitchens, one of the most popular residential areas we’re asked to renovate are basement spaces. Basements can be a fantastic way for homeowners to add value to their property and enhance home enjoyment. Your additional space downstairs can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including building a legal secondary suite, home entertainment centre, dedicated fitness area, and just about anything else our owners can think of.

If you’re looking to finish your basement as your next project, but are unsure of what kind of changes work best for your home, our dedicated team of builders are happy to sit down with you and draw up a custom plan. Basements do pose a few unique challenges compared to other areas of the home, so a few things your builder will need to know are:

  • Are you looking to address any known issues with the home (i.e. leaks, mould, drafts)? While an inspection will be conducted prior to construction, any current problems should be discussed first as they will likely drastic affect your renovation.

  • Where is your water supply located? While this may apply more for homes located in remote areas, or established as acreage properties, it’s still advisable to provide your contractor with as much layout information as possible.

  • Be aware of zoning laws and safety requirements. As much as our team is flexible and up to the challenge of a custom build, it’s our duty to keep you safe by making sure everything is up to code!

Ready to turn your basement into a private oasis? Contact our team to get started on your dream renovation today!

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